"Our developer disappeared on us!"
"Our website is difficult to update."
"Why are we so far behind schedule?"
"I can't believe we are so over budget."

Sound familiar? Read on to see how we can help

we feel your pain.

It is amazing the number of new clients that we speak to that seem to have the same recurring problems... the developer disappeared, their website is confusing and difficult to maintain or they just have no idea how any of it works. Although technology has changed and things have become "easier", building a website can still be an overwhelming and frustrating process. Over the past sixteen years, cityzen has helped hundreds of clients across many industries launch successful websites and applications. we have found that there are three main keys that can ensure a project's success and create a lasting partnership between my company and yours:

Speak human.
Bottom line, tech jargon is for people that are either trying to confuse you or are insecure. we enjoy nothing more than watching that a-ha moment that my clients have when they really do understand what we are doing and exactly what they're getting. It makes it much easier for you to understand what you are getting and participate in the process rather than receiving an overly confusing website with no direction and an overblown budget.

Be reliable.
Let's face it, waiting around for three weeks for a simple update to your website is frustrating, we get it. Not knowing whether someone will actually answer your email or phone call when you have a question about your website is also frustrating. cityzen was built on a reputation of being reliable. We will not leave you high and dry when you need us.

Be transparent with billing and rates.
There is the old saying that price is what you pay and value is what you get. cityzen is not a new company that just popped up a few months ago and may be gone in a few more. The company was started back in 1996 and have a reputation for being upfront and fair with pricing. We don't compete with the website chop shop up the street, nor do we believe that every client we speak to will be a good fit for what cityzen does. The fact of the matter is that if you and I can't agree on the value we're providing for your company, the chances of success are slim.