About cityzen

Founded in 1996, cityzen has evolved over the years from a ‘web design’ shop, to a technology consulting company focused on providing innovative solutions for its clients, by designing, building and maintaining applications.

AWS certified, we seamlessly work within existing environments and leverage our extensive experience to meet the evolving needs of companies with sprawling infrastructure needs.

Join Women in Games!

Are you interested in meeting up with other women in games? Would you like to help girls and women learn more about gaming careers? Join Women in Games!
Women in Games is a great organization, committed to supporting, empowering and celebrating talented women in the games industry and esports. This program exists to empower individuals to take action through collaborative, connected, diverse networks.

As a Women in Games ambassador in the Raleigh, NC area, I am always looking to connect with local women in the industry. I will be hosting some local meetups and would love to see you there! Fill out this form if you are interested and I will let you know about upcoming events

In the meantime, check out Women in Games. There are LinkedIn, Facebook, and Discord groups you can join without being an ambassador. Hope to see you soon!